LINUX: servers...

From: Corey Hoitsma (
Date: 06/22/96

Hello all:)
I noticed that whenever I try to connect to my mud(which is on a Linux 
server) it takes awhile... like this:

netcom16> telnet 7000
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Then it sits here for about 30 seconds. THEN the mud comes up..
but once yer in the game there is no lag at all.. and it doesn't do this
when someone is already conencted.. I have a feeling that linux is slowing
down the mud's process of waking up... Is there a way to speed this up?


PS Oh yeah, it also connects right away if I'm on the shell.. but otherwise
it waits around..


Corey Hoitsma                   AKA -= Myrddin =-
Tazmania 7000

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