Possible Bug

From: Linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 06/23/96

I noticed a strange bug related to gaining experience.

I have 100 mortals levels running plvl 11.

I created a 100th lvl 30000 hit point mobile that does 1d1 damage solely
for testing new skills/spells on (we are not open yet). I was playing 
around one day and used a 50th lvl char to attack the mob and noticed that
he was gaining about 150K exp per round and would raise about 6 levels by
the time the mob was dead.

I have tried the following things and still get the same results:
1- using a 100 level char to fight this mob
2- lowering the mobs hit points to as low as 2000
3- lowering the mobs level 
4- setting the mob with no bits
5- much more, although I feel this problem lies in the code

The only thing I have added that could possibly be related to this is multi
I added multi attacks in perform_violence and simply added a check to see if
char had
the skill and if so set the number of attacks = to this value and then did
hit() = to
the number of attacks. It seems to work great, I mean I have seen no other
problems with it.

Has anyone had a similiar prob, or have any idea where I should look. I
can't really post
any code as I do not know where to look. I'm pretty sure my multi-attack
code is okay because
it is the same code as on a few other muds running the same patch level.

Can someone also explain how the gain exp is calculatted?

btw: When I was fighting this mob I wasn't using any skills or spells and
still gained the mucho exp, and also
a character without the multi-attacks gained as much exp as well.

I am clueless, please help.

oh yea, I have not installed mobprogs nor does this mob have a spec_proc


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