Re: OFF TOPIC: nonsense (more of the same)

From: Pandion (
Date: 06/23/96

Hi... my message is brief...

I have delteted all this off topic mailing crap without reading it.  I 
have better things to do with my coding time than to watch you lot waste 
valuable bandwidth trying to make the other side see your opinion which 
they obviously are not going to do.

So if you're going to keep this bloody crap argument going at least dont 
use the circle mailing list.  I have absolutely NO INTEREST in who is 
right or wrong, and I'd rather see the whole affair dropped in the 
trashcan so you all can do what you're sposed to be doing - being imps.

Now if you'll 'scuse me I'll get off my soapbox and go implement. :)

Chris Voutsis

And please dont waste my inbox space by replying with a flame because I 
simply dont care !!!

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