OFF TOPIC: nonsense (more of the same)

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 06/22/96

> reasons why we object to two-page ads for muds with implementors that act
> like they're still in high school. 1)  That letter is being sent all over
> the net to everyone that subscribes to this list.  2)  Because there needs
> to be some precedent set.  If we allow these boys to spam all our
> mailboxes with "200 levels! 9 races! clans!", then how can we tell the
> next 500 people that want to do this 'no'?  We can't.  If we allow these
> boys to do this can we tell then 'no' again?  We can't.
> Personally, i would not like this somewhat decent list to deteriorate into
> chaotic diarrhea that calls itself ''  I'm not trying to
> be a prick, in fact, i rarely speak up about what goes on here...but
> advertising is going just a *bit* too far. 
> If you take this for a flame, then you have no character whatsoever.  It's
> the immaturity displayed in your last statement that marks the division
> between the men and the boys.  If you can't take a little constructive
> criticism from people who are here to help you, then what are you going to
> do in real life?

  Simple point I'm going to make, in defense of the "look, it's labelled 
adv.(ertisement) let's erase it and move on with our lives"
  His original post was a page, maybe.  Then everyone replied to it, some 
included the message in theirs.  Everyone replying and being high and 
mighty about it have caused more of problem than the original post, which 
was labelled ADV. so people didn't have to read it if they didn't want to.
  You also notice, this mail has been labelled OFF TOPIC. Because it is, 
and anyone else out there with opinions, when they are nothing 
interesting to have to do with everyone else, just don't reply to OFF 
TOPIC on the list.


contributing to the problem himself..

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