CODE (Varied): Adding and modifying player chars.

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 06/24/96

Hello guys..

I have several quizes for the coder gurus in the list (I could *try* to 
code this myself but I must admit I am learning C by ear here..:)

I was looking to implement several things in my mud and didn't know where 
to start, if you can help me out try to point me to where to change 
things or if you could even share some code I'd be more than happy to put 
the credits in the opening screen:

1st: I want to implement races, I know everyone here has done so, and 
that I could try to duplicate the stuff for classes, but I also want to 
change the classes..:)

2nd: I'd like to change classes so you don't have to choose a class right 
away, but only after level 5 or so. So the users can actually choose what 
they want to be when the know what each class can and cannot do, 
meanwhile they'd be just peasants.

3rd: If the earlier is not possible (or feasible) or even if it is I'd 
like to see the possibility of implementing multiclasses a little more 
elegantly than the public strom code (no personal offense..:)

4th: It has been asked before, but I cannot recall if it was answered, 
how can I make the top level of my MUD to be 60 or maybe 100?

5th: I'd like to know if anyone has (and is willing to share) special 
procedures for a mob (something like a template that can be applied to 
various mobs) that reads messages from a text file and says phrases at 
random and chooses exits at random and walks away from places (for a true 
wanderer, so to speak), I have looked into mobprog but I think 
it'd be more efficient for a simple task like this to use spec_procs.

6th: For that matter, any special procedures you are specially proud of 
and would like to share with the forum for.. ahem, brainstorming, would 
be good.:)

Thanks for reading so far, I hope it did sound as a request and not as a 
demand, my native language is spanish and sometimes I cannot give my 
mails the inflection I actually want to portray. If you can help me'd be 
most apprecciated.:)

Luck to y'all

MythagoMUD 4000

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