Re: Possible Bug

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 06/24/96

> > I noticed a strange bug related to gaining experience.
> > I have 100 mortals levels running plvl 11.
> > I created a 100th lvl 30000 hit point mobile that does 1d1 damage solely
> > for testing new skills/spells on (we are not open yet). I was playing 
> > around one day and used a 50th lvl char to attack the mob and noticed that
> > he was gaining about 150K exp per round and would raise about 6 levels by
> > the time the mob was dead.
> Well, as far as I see the problem, it's concerned with the piece of 
> 'code' in fight.c somewhere, where you get an XP bonus for each hit you 
> do (is this warrior only ? - look it up :). It's allso dependent on the 
> damroll/total dam of the hit and stuff as far as I remember. It's easy to 
> get rid off, as we did on my mud, and YES, it's a way of leveling... 
> Well, check and see if thats it.. probably in hit().

  It's in fight.c, damage(), and it's this:

if (ch != victim)
  gain_exp(ch, GET_LEVEL(vitcim) * dam));


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