From: Mike Levine (
Date: 06/25/96

I want to thank everyone who contributed to getting me the answer to
my original alias-bug question. The advice was taken and now aliases
save ***excellent***. Pretty simple - if you know what to look for.

As a new Imp I'll more than likely have questions which are perceived
as *cough* 'newbie' questions that have been addressed before by 
perhaps many people. And yes, I'll read the FAQ's first - now that I
know where to find it.

* The following are my personal opinions. *

For those of you out there who seem hell-bent on getting their names
in lights by posting their replies to the tone of "If you were a real
coder then you should know these things..." I personally feel that 
you might consider posting these things directly to the person
requesting information. That way you wont implicate the rest of us
as egotistical and single minded (by default).

To those of you out there that don't fall into this category....thank
you for your responses - they have been very helpful and encouraging.

* off the soap box now *

If you feel compelled to reply, please reply to


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