CODE: Another simple question that has stumped me...

From: Stryfe (likens19@MO.NET)
Date: 06/25/96

First of all, thanks for the responses on how to add color to my prompt.  
After some fiddling I got everything looking the way I want it to.  
However, while just playing around on the mud, I had the occasion to give 
a player a title.  Here is what he wanted his name to look like:

Stryfe, Imperial Overlord of the Realm

Now, normally there is a blank inserted after the player's name and then 
the title is printed.  I found and removed this blank for the do_who 
function so everything looks right when a played types 'who' however I 
cannot for the life of me find where the space is that I need to take out 
so that when a players types 'l' the character and title are print 
correctly.  I assume it is somewhere in the look_at_room function but I 
don't see it.  If someone could let me know where I need to look I'd be 
greatly appreciative.  Thanks again.


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