Re: Locking up when .obj file is in, no errors

From: George (
Date: 06/26/96

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Bill Romano wrote:

> I have built before, just started Imping.  I dl'd the elven woods area
> from the circle mud site, and got it all installed, a few minor errors
> and it looks ok except.....when i put the 190.obj file into the obj index, 
> and reboot the mud, it doesnt come up, i HAVE checked my syslog, its
> empty, syslog.six locks at loading objects and creating index, 
> having been a builder, the file looks ok, it is terminated properly...
> what am i missing?

Delete the telescope, then try it.

> What are some other places that i might be able to get some of the more
> common areas from (until our builders get theirs done) such as the smurf
> villiage, the dwarven nursery, the shire, etc etc, or any other areas for
> that matter..i have all of the ones from the circle site currently.

Check the CAW site too?

-George Greer

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