RE: Locking up when .obj file is in, no errors

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Date: 06/26/96

On Wednesday, June 26, 1996 10:21 AM, Bill Romano[] wrote:
>I have built before, just started Imping.  I dl'd the elven woods area
>from the circle mud site, and got it all installed, a few minor errors
>and it looks ok except.....when i put the 190.obj file into the obj index, 
>and reboot the mud, it doesnt come up, i HAVE checked my syslog, its
>empty, syslog.six locks at loading objects and creating index, 

I had the same problem. I can't remember exactly, but I think there's a
corrupt (read: incorrectly formatted) object in there somewhere. I originally
found the problem while writing an import routine for a world editor I'm writing. I'd suggest taking a good look at the file. Check for an out of value
damage entry for a weapon -- I vaguely remember this as the cause, but
then again, it was late and I didn't document it :(

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