Free MUD site available now (was Re: Regarding that flammable post)

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/26/96

Hades wrote:
> Well i do have an update, I found a way to possibly offer the
>service for much cheaper than I originally thought... would people
>be interested in like $50 or $65/month instead of $100?

Since Corenet (email: offers FREE mud sites to people
who ask, your prices are going to have to come down a bit.  Note that
their site is free, but it costs $10/month extra for a coder acct,
etc.  Realistically it'll cost $10-$20 per month for any reasonable
amount of service.  Ask them for their rate sheet - the terms weren't
appropriate for me, but it may be for you...

Also, their service is available right now, not two months from now.
Another definite plus compared to your hypothetical MUDSITE.COM

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with corenet.

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