Re: Looking for a site? Read me. If not, delete and dont flame.

From: Mike Levine (
Date: 06/26/96

Jack Wilson wrote:
> Hades wrote:

Jack's response....
> If you would like to advertise your services, you may take out ads
> on web sites, or in magazines... any number of options are available
> to you, and it won't be possible for people to flame you if you use
> those options.
> If you don't have the money to advertise through more conventional
> means, you shouldn't be trying to run a business, and I certainly
> would recommend that people avoid your "business".

my 2c's - Thanks for posting Hades - I appreciated the information - I rarely ever
look at advertisements on the Web and seeing yours published here got my attention.

Comments like Jacks are just political dogmatics. It's likely that our man Jack
here forgot that this is a news-group. Your offer certainly meets the criteria
of being news - unless anyone knows of a mass of sites advertising similarly to

Mike Levine

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