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From: Hades (
Date: 06/26/96

Sorry for the spam and off topic post, but I had to forward this to the list
to illustrate what I mean by immature asshole when I refer to those immature
assholes in the muydding community. Oh, and flame away, I dont give a flying
fuck. Those of you who are intelligent and mature enough to take this for
what it is, grats. To the rest... flame me. I fucking enjoy laughing at your
responses, it entertains me :)


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> Date: Wed, 26 Jun 96 01:45:40 GMT
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> (ed wrotniewski) wrote:
> >The Base mud account includes:
> >50 megs of disk storage on a Linux box, with plenty of ram, sharing a full
> >T1 line to the internet with the other muds on the system, so there will be
> >no lag. (A full T1 can easily handle 20+ muds)
> >One shell account to access the mud, additional shell accounts are avalable
> >at $10 per month per account (In case, for some reason, you need another
> >account for your builders and whatnot.)
> >Full email capability on each shell account.
>   LAUGH! This is highway (information) robbery!
>   Plenty of ram? CACKLE. How much? I bet he'll say "64 megs of RAM.
> Thats *PLENTY* of ram for 32 muds. Only need 2megs each" heh.
> >You can have your mud be run from, instead of <port>,
> > <port> for a one time setup fee of $30, and a
> >$5/month maitenance charge. This service is avalable on a first come-first 
> >serve basis, as the pcs will quickly be named.
>    Egads. $30 to add a farking name? Thats gross. How long does it
> take? 2, maybe 3 seconds? heh.
> >Voice and email tech/coding support is avalable and free.
>   Yawn.
> >Web page support for your mud will be added soon and prices if any will be
> >computed then.
>    Gads. Thats a scary thought. I think they have to get a calculator
> with more than 10 digits to calculate those costs...
> >You will be billed every 30 days, payment due by the 5th of the month. If
> >payment is not received by the 10th, the account will be locked down, and a
> >$10 re-activation fee will be imposed. If payment is not received by the
> >15th of the month, the account, and mud, will be deleted, and your
> >secutiry/last months payment will be forefit.
>   I have to laugh at this pathetic attempt at legal jargon. Get a lawyer
> bub....  and the word is "forfeit"
> -Machiavelli

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