Adding a new command.

From: Dann Fuller (
Date: 06/27/96

I'm planning on adding a 'zone' command, with which PCs can either 
specify the arguement 'list' or a #.  If they give list, then they get a 
list of all the zones in the game, and the zone number.  If they give a 
valid zone number, then they get a brief description of the zone, and a 
suggested level range the zone is suited for.

I know you need an ACMD(do_zone){...}, which I'm thinking would go in 
act.other.c.  I know you also need to put a line in interpreter.c, so 
people can use the command.  Is that all, or are there other files I need 
to change, too?

Also, how would YOU go about storing the zone descriptions?  I'm planning 
on creating a 6th part to the split world file, for descriptions, and 
just reading the descriptions from there, mainly because it's neat, and 
was the first thing that came to me.  Any other ideas?


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