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From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/27/96

Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira wrote:
>On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Jack Wilson wrote:
>>...I suspect a lot of the irritation that has come from imps
>>is the result of people asking questions that clearly indicate they
>>don't understand C.
>This is ridiculous (not flaming here, just commenting), this list is
>here for mud administrator (if I am wrong let me know), not just
>coders, that means that someone without any kind of C knowledge at
>all could post a question regarding obj, wld, shp, mob or zon files
>and would be completely ON-TOPIC (just as the earlier question about
>Elven Woods), I think trying to limit the list to C coders only
>because you know C already is kinda discriminating, a lot of people
>start their muds not knowing a thing about C and either learning on
>the way (the way I did) or trying to find a coder to help them out
>modify the source.

I disagree.  (Not flaming either.)  Your last phrase reveals the
real way people can get help if they don't know C: offer implementor
positions to people who *do* know C.  It's a win for everybody -
the implementors get positions of influence; the MUD admins get
cool and original code; and there are fewer "what does a function
undeclared error mean?" questions on the mailing list.

I suggest "if you don't know how to code, find someone who can and
make them an implementor" should be part of the FAQ, actually.

>I agreee that coding is the best way to modify a Mud, but it should
>be noted that it is not the only way, and if this is a C-on-circlemud
>list only I'd like to know it.

It's certainly not :)  Which is why I think a lot of people would be
glad to see the number of really basic C questions on the list

I was a newbie once, too, and I got the bejeezus flamed out of me
for wasting other people's time with "dumb" questions.  Now, while
at the time I felt this was really unfair, eventually I came to see
that it is a lot more efficient to learn things on your own than to
get the world at large to tutor you.

Just my thoughts.

> I did like the reference and probably will get the book tho'..:)
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