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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 06/27/96

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Jack Wilson wrote:

> A FAQ (or list of guidelines for the list) could be included in the
> introductory material sent out to new subscribers.


> Definitely.  I suspect a lot of the irritation that has come from imps
> is the result of people asking questions that clearly indicate they
> don't understand C.

This is ridiculous (not flaming here, just commenting), this list is here 
for mud administrator (if I am wrong let me know), not just coders, that 
means that someone without any kind of C knowledge at all could post a 
question regarding obj, wld, shp, mob or zon files and would be 
completely ON-TOPIC (just as the earlier question about Elven Woods), I 
think trying to limit the list to C coders only because you know C 
already is kinda discriminating, a lot of people start their muds not 
knowing a thing about C and either learning on the way (the way I did) or 
trying to find a coder to help them out modify the source.

I agreee that coding is the best way to modify a Mud, but it should be 
noted that it is not the only way, and if this is a C-on-circlemud list 
only I'd like to know it.

BTW, this is not a flame, I've learnt a lot with this list and the only 
thing that annoys me is the people who have given themselves the task of 
finding off-topic messages in every message (they will probably call this 

I just want you to remember that the only reason you don't have 'NEWBIE 
CODE:' questions is either because you knew C before setting up your Mud 
or because you had noone to help you out with them when you did have 
them. Don't slam the newbies with the "if you want to run circle go learn 
C first" because thats childish.

> >- References:
> >Beginning C questions can be answered in any number of books,
> >including 'The C Programming Language' by Kernigham and Ritchie.

I did like the reference and probably will get the book tho'..:)

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