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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 06/27/96

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Jack Wilson wrote:

> >because you know C already is kinda discriminating, a lot of people
> >start their muds not knowing a thing about C and either learning on
> >the way (the way I did) or trying to find a coder to help them out
> >modify the source.
> I disagree.  (Not flaming either.)  Your last phrase reveals the
> real way people can get help if they don't know C: offer implementor
> positions to people who *do* know C.  It's a win for everybody -
> the implementors get positions of influence; the MUD admins get
> cool and original code; and there are fewer "what does a function
> undeclared error mean?" questions on the mailing list.
> I suggest "if you don't know how to code, find someone who can and
> make them an implementor" should be part of the FAQ, actually.

Agrred, I'd expand that to:
Q: I don't know any C code, how can I make someone to work on my Mud code?

A: Find a good programmer where you work and hint about this "mud thing" 
and how you are hooked into it. When they bite the bait and ask you to 
try it out let them in *your* mud and secretly high their stats all to 18 
(*grin*) and find them a real good mud client. Once they are hooked 
(which in my case happenned in two hours..:) you can 'comment' on how the 
Mud would improve if there was someone to expand it and better it. 
Casually point at the dirs where the source code is and wait for this guy 
to fall. You may have new code in your mud as soon as 2 1/2 hours..:)

I don't know if this applies to everyone, but I run a ISP business in 
Mexico and one of the coders here (the guru, as some would say) got 
unknowingly hooked to my Mud, which at the time was stock code, in three 
hours I had new displays for several commands (the first of which was 
consider) and an arena in the works..:)

Later this guy has had to move onto other things (work was gettting *WAY* 
behind schedule, no exaggeration) and has found time to enter now and 
again and has been teaching me the basics of C coding, from where I have 
moved along myself.

This is to agree in two things, first of all: It *is* possible to get a 
Mud up and running without any C knowledge, but you will attract only new 
mudders, not experienced ones, since these can spot a stock Mud from the 
splash screen...;) And *yes*, you will need C knowledge (yours or someone 
else's) to convert your test Mud in a better world..:)

Altough if you revamp the WHOLE world and all the areas you can make them 
good and challenging enough that players will find it a treat, even in 
stock code..:)

Talking about stock code... is the peddler a bug or a feature or what? if 
you charm the peddler and have him fight for you, he will never get 
killed, he is kind of indestructible, he hasn't any spec_procs assigned 
to him and a player tells me that it is a long standing bug in Circle... 
is this true?

BTW, I am not flaming anyone... as you can see this is not addressed to 
any person in particular..:) if you want to flame tho', you can do it at 
my e-mail address..:)

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