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Date: 06/27/96

On Thursday, June 27, 1996 12:54 PM, lan wrote:
>are there any OLC's out yet for the win95 ver of circle3.0 
I'm running Oasis OLC on my copy of circle 3.0 (bpl11).. works pretty
well .. And yes, I'm running NT .. but the same .EXE  runs on Win95
with no changes. 

I've fiddled with it quite a bit, and these are the problems I found.

 1) It doesn't save mobprogs -- just need to edit medit_save_to_disk when time allows.
 2) It crashes when saving a new zone. (Haven't even bothered to track this one
    down.. hardly a show stopper.  -- I just create them manually and it'll edit fine ...)

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