From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/27/96

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, 1 wrote:

> On Thursday, June 27, 1996 12:54 PM, lan wrote:
> >are there any OLC's out yet for the win95 ver of circle3.0 
> >
> I'm running Oasis OLC on my copy of circle 3.0 (bpl11).. works pretty
> well .. And yes, I'm running NT .. but the same .EXE  runs on Win95
> with no changes. 
>  1) It doesn't save mobprogs -- just need to edit medit_save_to_disk
>     when time allows.

I believe a patch exists to do this automatically.  And if anyone is
curious why Oasis doesn't support MOB Programs by default, you'll have to
remember that MOB Programs are an external patch (actually a feature that
was ported from Merc 2.2 to Circle 2.2).  Personally I don't much like MOB
Programs, because of the poor (obfusicated) syntax in the file and the
rather haphazard why they were written in Merc 2.2.

>  2) It crashes when saving a new zone. (Haven't even bothered to track
>     this one down.. hardly a show stopper.  -- I just create them
>     manually and it'll edit fine ...)

I've not encountered this on BSDI 2.0.1, so I assume it's one of those
things that some OS' are sensitive to (namely Win95/WinNT, seem to find
a lot more "bugs").  I would suggest using GDB, but you're running
Windows, and I've not go the slightest idea about MSDOS/Win95/WinNT


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