From: Nuku Nuku (backdoor@wam.umd.edu)
Date: 06/27/96

Okay, for some reason, i can't get the mud to load up this room.  (I've 
just started adding to the world, silly me)

I am running pl11 and olc.
It shows up in "show zones" but the room isn't there.
It IS listed in "index" to load up.

Here is the 1.wld file.  (it's zone 1)
In front of an entrance~
   A wooden fence lies to the north with large gateway through 
it.  It's old panels show years of abuse but are well maintained.  
A small mail slot is in the fence to one side of the gateway and 
a wooden sign is hung securely to the other.
1 0 1

Here is 1.zon.
Tendo Dojo~
* Builder  Pirahna
199 25 2
There is no 1.mob or 1.obj or 1.shp file.
anyone know why this wont load up?


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