Re: Mailing List Rules

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (
Date: 06/27/96

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Alex wrote:

> Well, since I currently look after the official CircleMUD FAQ, I wouldn't
> be adverse at all to looking after the mailing list FAQ... suggest some
> rules to me, I can put it on a website easily, and I have access to put
> stuff on the ftp site easily too...
> So, if you think of some rules, send them to me, and I'll start compiling
> them into a FAQ/rulelist... which we can then put into the new user thing
> (hopefully)... otherwise, we can just send it out every Friday or
> something...

I think that suggested rules should probably be commented on before being 
added to an FAQ.  The FAQ should show what most people want the list to 
be, not what a few people think is acceptable ettiquette.

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