Movement Bug in Pl11

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 06/28/96

Hi Guys-

Actually one of my players found this bug but it is REALLY easy to fix 
and I recommend that it be fixed in the distribution files as it only 
takes 30 seconds.

The problem was in speedwalking. The idea is that you can type "s 4" and 
go south 4 times. Ever try "s 99999"? Don't. Unless you want to crash 
your mud. Just go into your act.movement.c and search for "nr_times". 
Right below that is the loop that moves you and decrements your argument 
for how many times you want to move. Just do this to it:

  if (nr_times <= 15) {
    for(loop = 0; loop < nr_times; loop++)
       perform_move(ch, cmd - 1, 0);
    send_to_char("Please limit your speedwalking to 15 moves per 
direction.\r\n", ch);

I use 15 as a limit, though I imagine it could probably be much higher 
and still be safe, but how often do you move more than 15 screens in the 
same direction?

That'll do it,

Brian Guilbault - GMI Engineering Institute
QuarantineMUD: Telnet to 4000

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