Re: Movement Bug in Pl11

From: Jörgen (
Date: 06/28/96

> Hi Guys-
> Actually one of my players found this bug but it is REALLY easy to fix 
> and I recommend that it be fixed in the distribution files as it only 
> takes 30 seconds.
> The problem was in speedwalking. The idea is that you can type "s 4" and 
> go south 4 times. Ever try "s 99999"? Don't. Unless you want to crash 
> your mud. Just go into your act.movement.c and search for "nr_times". 
> Right below that is the loop that moves you and decrements your argument 
> for how many times you want to move. Just do this to it:


Is there a speedwalk-feature in bpl11? I just tried "s 4" and I moved only
one south.... Are you sure that speedwalk is 'original' circle, and not your 
own modification?

// Zigg

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