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Date: 06/28/96

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> On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, ed wrotniewski wrote:
> > I was responding to a post someone sent to me regarding the mud sites you
> > offer. Could you please send me info on the site itself, and pricing, and
> > other various stats. (quotas, etc)
>   Micro Access Technologies offers mud sites. The setup fee is $20.  Our  
> base price is $35 a month for 2 megs of memory and a max of 20 players    
> connected at a time.  This include a shell account and access to our      
> compiler (to work on the MUD). Disk space is not a concern. If 6 months or
> more is purchased at a time, the cost is $25 a month.                     
>   Each additional meg of ram costs an extra $10 per month. The mud is     
> allowed 10 connected players per meg of ram it is allowed. Max connect    
> players can be increased in units of 20 at a cost of $10 per month.       
>   The server is a pentium 133 mhz running BSDI UNIX.

Would just like to mention the fact that no mud can run on 2 megs of ram.

And MudTech offers a 8 meg quota. Go over 8 megs? $2 a meg/month, not $10.
Sure, $35 sounds like a wonderful deal, but compare:

them			us
$35 for 2 megs		$55 for 8 megs
$95 for 8 megs		Still $55 for 8 megs
$135 for 12 megs 	$63 for 12 megs.
$175 for 16 megs	$71 for 16 megs

And for 16 megs of ram, with the 6 month discount:
them			us
$165 for 16 megs	$65 for 16 megs

If you run a very low impact mud, this is a great deal, and I hope you do
well with them, but if you are like everyone else, and have a nice sized
mud, or desire a nice sized mud in the future (and who doesnt want to expand
their mud?) it's gonna get very expensive very quickly.

Just wanted to make my response to Jack Wilsons posts against me (Hey, dont
flame me for defending myself)


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