Re: More MUD sites

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/28/96

ed wrotniewski wrote:
>>Note that it goes without saying that I am not affiliated with any
>>of these sites, but I would advise MUDders to check these sites
>>out first and avoid "MUD TECH", which *doesn't exist*.
>Sorry for the one last spam message folks, but just out of
>curiosity... why is Mr. Jack Wilson so dead set against people signing
>up for MudTech? makes you wonder huh? Just seems to me he is going out
>of his way to try and keep me from starting up. Dont understand it

Probably because you (Ed) sent me rude and obscene e-mail.  When I
choose to help people out (you know: give recommendations, give out
free code, etc.), my help tends to go to whoever has *not* been rude
to me.  Should I help people I don't like?

It's that simple; there is no conspiracy to dump on you, just on rude
people in general.

BTW folks, I am serious about finding more MUD sites to list here.
I didn't realize MUD site offers were appropriate here, and I'll
certainly forward reasonable site offers this way if that's what
people want.

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