Re: More MUD sites

From: ed wrotniewski (
Date: 06/28/96

> Note that it goes without saying that I am not affiliated with any
> of these sites, but I would advise MUDders to check these sites
> out first and avoid "MUD TECH", which *doesn't exist*.

Sorry for the one last spam message folks, but just out of curiosity... why
is Mr. Jack Wilson so dead set against people signing up for MudTech? makes
you wonder huh? Just seems to me he is going out of his way to try and keep
me from starting up. Dont understand it myself.

And regarding the *doesnt exist* Um no kidding. If you read the original
post you would have seen the line:

I expect to be up and running by the end of September, as I
cannot even begin to start the process until I move at the end of August.

I never claimed it was up yet. Cant really set up a pc with an ISP who needs
config info when that ISP is currently over 500 miles away.


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