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From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/28/96

ed wrotniewski wrote:

> Which is why, IMHO, immaturity and flaming rums rampant on this list
>and the mud community. Getting flamed by a 14 year old because his
>allowance cant afford $55/month for a site doesnt impress me overly
> --

Here are some more sites which offer better packages than  
"MUD TECH" (which doesn't exist yet).  Quotes are directly from
the service providers in question. 

       "I am currently offering a site for $100 a month, but that extra
       amount gives you a WWW site, FTP site, Mailing List, and 5 shell
       accounts. Send mail to if this at all interests
       you."  [Overall package is cheaper than MUD TECH, and it's
       available now.  Also, these guys have been around for a 
       long time.]


Micro Access Technologies 

       "Micro Access Technologies offers mud sites. The setup fee is
       $20. Our base price is $35 a month..."  [MUCH cheaper than
       MUD TECH, and it's available now.]



       "Core.Net is an Internet Service Provider located at Racine, WI,
        USA. offers a full range of internet services to its
        customers and considers MUDs a beneficial addition to its
        services for several reasons.  Because of this is
        willing to host established, maintained muds on systems for
        nominal fees (see below) and recognition for the services on
        the muds opening screens and somewhere on the muds home page if

       "Mud hosting is FREE [my emphasis]..."  [Can't beat that price,
       and it's available now.]

       Contact: (my earlier contact info was
                incorrect.  Sorry for the inconvenience.)

Note that it goes without saying that I am not affiliated with any
of these sites, but I would advise MUDders to check these sites
out first and avoid "MUD TECH", which *doesn't exist*.

I'll see if I can't dig up a few more sites.


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