Sorry to bug you again

From: Ben Leibig (
Date: 06/29/96

Heres the deal.  I despritly need a function to tell me the number of any given mob
in a room and in a zone
num_mob_room(1302, 1312)
would return an int with the number of vnum 1302 mobs in room 1312
num_mob_zone would workt he same
I have received a few sugestions but they havent really worked.  Normaly this
would be somthing i could do on my own but for loops are really sorta somthing
i dont know to well.  And i cant figure it out.  If anyone could send me
some code that they know works or with explinations of what each part does
it would help me out sooooo much.  

Second i work at a computer store and just had to share this:
We build new computers
so the phone wrings and i pick up
<Me> hello, PC Brokers this is ben speaking, how may i help you
<Lady> i bought a new computer from you and theres smoke comming out my fan
<Me> your powersupply is probably faulty mam.  That is under warenty so go
ahead and bring it in and we can fix it for you.
<Lady> I reallly dont wanna bring it down there.  I am sure thre is somthing i can put in my config.bat or autoexec.sys to make it stop.
<Me> Sorry mam your problem is hardware not softhwere.
<lady> Theres gotta be a way to do it.
we fought about this for a few minutes
<me> Ok mam.  This is a trade secret and we dont like to tell people and if you tell anyone i might get fiered.  But there is a way to get it to stop.  what you
need to do is go into your autoexec.bat and add a line that says c:\nosmoke.exe
<lady> ok, click click click, beeep, nope didnt work, still smoaking
<me> ok mam what your going to need to do is call mircosoft and ask for the newist version of nosmoke.exe
<lady> ok
she hangs up
4 hours later she calls back and tells me that the mircosoft guys said that
nosmoke.exe was not compatable with her powersuply and she would need to get
a new one *ROLF*  this really happend.  Sorry if that was a page of spam
but it cracked me up.

Thanks Much
		Ben Leibig

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