A sugestion about this flaming stuff please read

From: Ben Leibig (leibig@robin-nvh.bvsd.k12.co.us)
Date: 06/29/96

LOOK if your replying to someones post.  And its not somthing DIRECTLY 
related to circlemud PLEASE dont CC a copy to the mailing list.  Its FINE
if you flame someone for saying somthing stupid on the list.  But dont
flame them to the list.  I have like 100 message sin my inbox over 2 days
i think kool lots of code chat.  Most of its flaming garbage.  Weather
or not the list is a place for site adds is not up to me.  BUt if your going
to slam someone for spaming the list with siteadds.  Dont spam the list
with your responce.  Just send it to them.  Please it takes like 10 keystrokes
and it would REALLY help cuut down the trash on the list..

	Thanks for your time and attention


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