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Date: 06/30/96

On Sun, 30 Jun 1996, John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. wrote:

> Is there a guide around to do add races, (like the one for classes) that 
> is avail, I tried 2 different methods and both died hard.  Thanks

Here's a very old doc (circa pl8) on races.

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From: Brett Helgeson <>
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Subject: Races.doc for 2.20 code

	Many, many thanks to Lupo for sharing the code with me - it saved 
me much time, and gave me a good, stable base. Without further ado, here 
it is:

Here comes what I've done for races. It's just basic stuff, I'll perhaps
improve it later, but It's a good starting point:

1- in structs.h, I've added:

#define RACE_HUMAN      0
#define RACE_DWARF      1
#define RACE_ELF        2
#define RACE_HOBBIT     3
#define RACE_TROLL      4

In the char_specials2_data, instead of
   ubyte spare0;
I've put
   ubyte race;

2- in utils.h,

#define GET_RACE(ch)    ((ch)->specials2.race)

3- in constants.c,

I've added:

const char      *pc_race_type[] = {


const int       race_apply[5][5] = {

This one is for affecting stats (str int wis dex con)


const int       race_phy_apply[5][2] = {

affects races height and weight ...

3- in interpreter.c,

Add question about choosing race (see how it's done for classes, and just
do the same ).

You'll surely need to add #define CON_QRACE 18 in structs.h

4- in act.wizard.c,

in roll_abilities, here is what I've done:

      ch->abilities.str = table[0];
      ch->abilities.dex = table[1];
      ch->abilities.con = table[2];
      ch->abilities.wis = table[3];
      ch-> = table[4];

/* Races Modifications (Ludo)   */

   ch->abilities.str = ch->abilities.str + race_apply[GET_RACE(ch)][0];
   ch-> = ch-> + race_apply[GET_RACE(ch)][1];
   ch->abilities.wis = ch->abilities.wis + race_apply[GET_RACE(ch)][2];
   ch->abilities.dex = ch->abilities.dex + race_apply[GET_RACE(ch)][3];
   ch->abilities.con = ch->abilities.con + race_apply[GET_RACE(ch)][4];

   if (ch->abilities.str>18) {ch->abilities.str=18;ch->abilities.str_add = number(0, 100);};
   if (ch->>18) ch->;
   if (ch->abilities.wis>18) ch->abilities.wis=18;
   if (ch->abilities.dex>18) ch->abilities.dex=18;
   if (ch->abilities.con>18) ch->abilities.con=18;

   ch->tmpabilities = ch->abilities;

5- in dc.c,

in init_char,

   if (ch-> == SEX_MALE) {
      ch->player.weight = number(120, 180);
      ch->player.height = number(160, 200);
   } else {
      ch->player.weight = number(100, 160);
      ch->player.height = number(150, 180);

   /* modifications according to the race */
   ch->player.weight=ch->player.weight + race_phy_apply[GET_RACE(ch)][1];
   ch->player.height=ch->player.height + race_phy_apply[GET_RACE(ch)][0];

Thanks to Ludo for sharing.

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