Valid Names

From: Brian Williams - Nashak (
Date: 06/29/96

I was wondering.. how would you make it so after a person rolled their 
stats and everything, it put them in a CON_QVALID or something, and made 
it so it prints "Waiting for an immortal to validate your name.\r\n"
                "If this takes over 5 minutes, just disconnect\r\n"
                "and try later.\r\n"
and then stays there until a god validates it.. if the god doesn't 
validate it, it deletes the character, and adds the name to the xnames 
list.. err.. not deletes, but makes them choose a new name, and keep the 
same stats. and adds to xnames.. and then once it is a valid name.. they 
are CON_MENU... 
thanks in advance,

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