Re: one more quick question about identd

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/29/96

> On Sat, 29 Jun 1996, Ground Zero Enterprises wrote:
> > Not everything in this message is correct.  
> Sorry, it was.  I've done this, so I know that for a fact.  (I did it the 
> wrong way, first, too.)
> > I installed a patch for 
> > ident handling that was written by Eric Green and I have not noticed that 
> > people could not login or that the MUD freezes what so ever.  
> Okay.  I'm not sure on the precise implementation of said patch, but try 
> this: design a host that "hangs" when you try to connect to it.  i.e., 
> like this:
> % telnet lo 113
> Trying

Someone (I think Dean Gaudet) wrote code that does both hostname resolution
and IDENTD username queries asychronously as a seperate process (the server
fork()s every time a query comes in).  He posted it to
about 2 years ago.. I've always meant to add that to Circle but haven't
gotten around to it yet.  I still have his post if anyone's interested.


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