Re: one more quick question about identd

From: Eric Green (
Date: 06/29/96

Checking my newplayer log, out of 1030 new players, 261 had usernames
resolved by identd.  I think I only banned one player using their
userid, but I believe he is the only person I have banned. 
For most muds it is trival adding, since there is a patch for 3.0bpl11
available on

The ident.tar.gz available on the ftp site works as follows:

When the player connects to the mud, they are given the login screen
with a message "Please wait."  A dot is added to the line each second
or two to show the new player that their connection is still alive.
The player must wait at the prompt until their name is resolved, the
connection to the identd port of the user's machine is refused, or
the set timeout (default is 30 seconds) is reached.

The player waiting at the prompt does not affect any other player.
The connection to the client's machine is done through polling, with
all select() calls with timeout of 0.  Reads, writes, connects, etc
are done on a nonblocking socket, so they do not lag the mud while
waiting.  No threads or multiple processes are needed for this.

Look through the code.  It should be fairly simple to follow for
people who know a little about network code.

So far, I have not received any bug reports concerning the code.

Eric Green

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