Re: [Circle] newbie: auto assist pets. AND RETREAT CODE DONE.

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 08/01/96

> I have looked at the code's and have not figured out a way to make a pet
> auto assist, I tried making it a helper (that was a mistake!), and several
> other things, none of them came close, so If someone could point out some
> ideas about how to do this, i would me very thankfull.
> you attack the goat.
> the goat hits you.
> you wolf hits the goat!
> like that!!!! or how I can add a flag to the helper routine so that it woll
> only help its MASTER. (I have no idea what commands I would use.)

   Here's an idea, and some how to go about..

  When fighting starts, if the character has an followers, run through 
them, and if they are a pet, have them fight the opponent of their master..
Don't know how to go about it, look around for the add_follower and 
ch->master type things, sure you will find your answer in there.


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