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From: WarRat (
Date: 08/01/96

At 02:13 AM 8/1/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I was brainstorming the other day trying to come up with something
>that would allow multi-attacks, but without allowing a char. to take
>all of their attacks before the mob (or player ;)  Basically, everyone
>would get an attack, then those with second attack would get their sec.
>attack, and then those with a third attack would get it after everyone
>else.   I came up with some psuedo-code, but I have no idea how much
>proccessor time and memory this would take up and so I thought I'd
>ask here for some opinions.  Anyway, here's the code.

I had the same idea but came up with a different solution...
Instead of changing perform violence, copy it for each extra hit that
players or mobs get, remove the spec proc from all but the last one for
mobs, and set each one up to do 1 hit if the player/mob can.  Add the calls
to these new functions after the perform violence call.

I haven't implemented this yet, but it's on the list.

Anyone out there know which way would be more memory efficient?  I know my
way results in duplicating alot of code but...

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