Re: [Circle] Bus code..?

From: Wout Mertens (
Date: 08/01/96

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996, Sliver wrote:

> This is sort of like the ship code, except for a few minor things..
> For this one, I want an object that moves along a certain path. When you
> are in the same room as the "bus" you can board it for a fee. When you
> reach your stop, you can leave.
> Another neat extra, would be that you could type something like,
> "window" and you see the room title of the room that the bus is in, like
> looking out the window.
Why not just rework look a bit?

> look
You are sitting in a bus. Currently, the bus is driving through Main
A driver is sitting in front.

> look out
Looking out, you see<long desc>
A beastly fido is <blabla>

> What I have figured out so far, is that you would have a bus obj spec
> proc, wich transfered you to a room, with a busdriver moble with a spec
> proc, so he could anounce when the bus has reached it's stop, and so you
> could leave, and it would transfer the player to the room wich the bus
> is in. For the window command, it would be build into the bus driver
> spec, and it copied the title of the 'bus room' and put it in..

Seems sound...

Gekke Eekhoorn of BUG.

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