[Circle] strange bug with guilds

From: linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 08/02/96

I have a spell detect sanctuary, that works fine.

HOWEVER, for some reason, you cannot practice it. It
just says you do not know of that spell. With my god
chars, I can cast it. For the non-god level chars the
spell shows up in the list of trainable skills. I have tried

practice 'detect sanctuary'
practice 'detect'
practice detect
practice detect sanctuary

none of these work. All my other new spells work. I have quad
checked the related files: spell defines matches the number of
spells in the spell_parser array. spello entries are right. I
am clueless. 

My detect sanc spell is defined as number 57. I have several spells
after it that work fine. (you can prctice them)

I can even use the skillset command and set it's level to say 95%
and then the character can cast it.

I have tried changing the spell name.

Any ideas. This problem is beyond all logic.


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