Re: [Circle] obuild and DeathTraps

From: Joshua Mentzer (
Date: 08/06/96

> 	1) You walk in and POW! you are hit hard (for hundreds of points
> 	of damage) just one time. This COULD kill you, but most likely
> 	just piss you off. Like a rockslide, or Avalanche, etc.

   Keep this as just the type death trap room, and find the checks for 
type death trap and instead of killing them, do the massive amount of damage.
check out alter_hit(), update_pos(), will need some stuff from damage, 
and then check for death, if so die()

> 	2) You walk in and 'ooops' you are taking damage every round, but
> 	only in small amounts. Like 10 or 20 hps at a time. Very annoying.
> 	like quicksand, or a freezing room, or a room filled with noxious gas.

  hmm, idea for this.  make a few more room room_freeze, 
etc...then in the parts of the code that update hitpoints, mana and 
movement every tick, check to see if they are in this type of room, if 
so, then instead of raising their hp/mana/mv, lower it and give them a 
little message based on what type of room, "the cold is too much to bear, 
and blahblah..."

this way, all the builders would have to do is set another room_flag if 
they want these rooms, and I don't even think you'll have to change obuild.
(you might, but very little if you do)


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