Re: [Circle] obuild and DeathTraps

From: Hades (
Date: 08/06/96

> 	   I am a new coder on an old circle mud running 3.0bpl10. They
> 	are using obuild for their creation system, and would like me to
> 	recode the deathtraps to be different kinds of Damage Traps.
> 	This way, the players stop getting pissed, and the builders will
> 	have the new features. The different kinds of traps are:
> 	1) You walk in and POW! you are hit hard (for hundreds of points
> 	of damage) just one time. This COULD kill you, but most likely
> 	just piss you off. Like a rockslide, or Avalanche, etc.
> 	2) You walk in and 'ooops' you are taking damage every round, but
> 	only in small amounts. Like 10 or 20 hps at a time. Very annoying.
> 	like quicksand, or a freezing room, or a room filled with noxious gas.
> 	Anyways, I need to recode DT's and I know | |<---this much
> 	about obuild. Can you awesome coders give me any ideas, 
> 	look out fors, or helpful hints on how to do this?

Um, you dont recode DTs in the OLC code... sure you might add support for
them in olc but uh... that requires a new set of code in the source...
obuild should be the last thing on your mind right now.


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