Re: [Circle] obuild and DeathTraps

From: ks white (
Date: 08/06/96

> > 	2) You walk in and 'ooops' you are taking damage every round, but
> > 	only in small amounts. Like 10 or 20 hps at a time. Very annoying.
> > 	like quicksand, or a freezing room, or a room filled with noxious gas.
>   hmm, idea for this.  make a few more room room_freeze, 
> etc...then in the parts of the code that update hitpoints, mana and 
> movement every tick, check to see if they are in this type of room, if 

 If your tick size is moderate to long, might also want to check when
they enter the room (act.movement.c), or players will make it quite
a ways (especially with tintin) without being harmed.

-K. of Exile

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