Re: [Circle] Memory problem?

From: Hades (
Date: 08/06/96

> Im having the exact same problem. frieking thing gets to 20 and even 40 
> megs in a half day. someone had suggested oasis, which i do have installed.
> But memory goes up even when not being used. One thing i know of that 
> seems to have been installed about the time the troubles arted is the 
> extra bit flags a fellow coder got some place and installed.
> I really really really need to figure this out as well. Seems theres been 
> a rash of it going around all the sudden, when id never seen on my own, 
> not heard from anyone else of this trouble.
> One of the patches we all install is causing it or ill eat my hat.

Called a BIGASS memory leak. Somone either coded or patched in some really
shitty code. If it was a patch... oh well, sorry to say but that's what you
get for just patching in other code without looking it over :)


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