[Circle] CODE: Char_ban command

From: David Endre (bodega@petstore.staffairs.andrews.edu)
Date: 08/06/96

I just wrote this code a couple of days a ago, so I could easily ban
inappropriate names online. So here you go :)

in act.wizard.c:
add these towards the top
	extern FILE *player_fl;
	void Read_Invalid_List(void);

then add this somewhere in the same file

   char tempname[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
   int i = 0;
   FILE *fp;
   *buf = '\0';

   one_argument(argument, buf);

      send_to_char("Xname which name?\r\n", ch);
   if(!(fp = fopen(XNAME_FILE, "a"))) {
      perror("Problems opening xname file for do_xname");
   strcpy(tempname, buf);
   for (i = 0; tempname[i]; i++)
      tempname[i] = LOWER(tempname[i]);
   fprintf(fp, "%s\n", tempname);
   sprintf(buf1, "%s has been xnamed!", tempname);
   send_to_char(buf1, ch);

finally in interpreter.c add:

	{ "xname"  , POS_DEAD  , do_xname, LVL_IMPL, 0 },

This is basically how mine is set up...Note that code doesn't include
very many checks and this is the main reason I only let Imps use this code.
If you decide to add on please send me your additions :)
Or if you have any problems or questions about this code mail me at

Good Luck,
	David Endre (Bodega)
	Petstore Mud running at petstore.staffairs.andrews.edu 4000
	Note: Mud is still in the building process, and not open for play.

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