Re: [Circle] Quint... AC???!?

From: malcor (
Date: 08/07/96

Ok first off i NEVER said invulnerable, I said no damage I was however 
assuming that you did have a check for critical or lucky hit as you refer 
to "in a joint or a crack" otherwise you will be pretty much invulnerable.

My idea of full plate and magic plate must REALLY differ from yours, when I
played D&D we had to work hard to get a set of full plate and MAYBE by the
time you were level 10 or so you could get a magical weapon it made them
special and something to strive for. When everyone can afford leather and
a few "Elite" can buy plate it makes a player strive to get there and 
makes a sense of accomplishment. I suppose on your mud a level one could 
walk right into sundhaven buy the bowl and have a 10d10 +10 +10 dagger huh?
WTF is the point of that.

Sorry I got a little P.O'ed here <I have even small flame waste of time 
and disk space>

Malcor the old fashioned

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Hades wrote:

> > 
> > No way isn't that the point of armor to protect you? I always thought so, 
> > when i was playing D&D we made the rule as so, an orc with a flint dagger 
> > hits you wearing full plate, i dunno about you but that should do no damage.
> That's the point of the ac 2 armor... the dagger got in a joint or a crack
> of the armor. I dunno if you have this fantasy idea of full plate armor, but
> uh... it didnt make you invulnerable.
> Hades
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