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From: Mark McArthey (
Date: 08/07/96


Sorry to all if this is losing relevance to Circle.  I'll try to 
pull it back on track at some point. :)

> when the orc "hits" you for two *hit points* of "damage", he (it?) is
> not necessarily inflicting physical, bodily damage on the person being
> hit (unless the DM wants him to be :)
> it is a measure of things like stamina, quickness, etc.  and as you
> take "damage", you become more fatigued, slow down, generally become
> less able to protect yourself, until finally, with only a few hp left,
> you are unable to block (whether you were too tired to block it, too
> fatigued to see it coming, or whatver) that incoming blow aimed at your
> head/heart/whatever that kills you :P 
> (this explanation invalidates the entire damage message system... <g>)
According to this though, what is the penalty for having less 
hitpoints?  If hitpoints are a measure of wellness, then shouldn't
people with less hitpoints be slower, hit less, etc.  Basically,
shouldn't this affect their skills?  I had once thought that perhaps
there could be 4 ranges of wellness.  Measured in percentages, >75%,
>50%, >25%, and >0%.  Each range would impart some penalty such as
negative to-hit, negative damage, etc.  

> and even if you don't like that explanation, even in the heaviest
> armor you are still vulnerable to concussive damage, so maybe that orc
> was using the flat of his blade, or the pommel :P
This brings to mind another possible problem.  What about someone 
that is so fatigued (ie. low hp), that just holding themselves up
in full plate is wearing them out more?  If I'm following the logic
correctly this would make sense.  In full all-out battle, even if
you weren't hit you would tire quickly if already fatigued.

So, all that said, I'm not sure it would be easy, or correct, to
implement a system such as this.  
Hit points can also indicate, just by their nature, that when 
you are at a lower level (ie. 2/50 hp), that you are easier to kill.
Hence, this can be representative of the fact that you are tired?
Would any of this be 'fair' to players?

Armor Class seems pretty straight-forward.  The higher AC lends more
protection, therefore making it harder, but not impossible to hit.
Dealing in numbers, if someone would have to roll an 18 or higher
to hit out of 20, that would indicate about a 10% chance to hit. 

Sorry, I'm not sure how this is implemented now so maybe this is
painfully obvious.  

em throws a nickel in the pot. 

 Mark McArthey          `  _ ,  '   -  (o)o)  -  

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