Re: [Circle] Re: Memory Leakage

From: Jorge Guilherme (
Date: 08/07/96

On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Alex wrote:

> To those who decided my questions, was a good reason to flaunt themselves 
> as the only REAL coder alive, and me just a stupid peon that deserves any 
> troubles i might ever have .... well ill just concentrate on the REAL 
> people who only post when they have something helpful to say.
 Here goes more 2 cents.
 I was playing around with that newbie equipment, and now a player gets a
shield with his heraldry, it's great to see other players bragging to the
fact that they have stolen in shield and exibiting it all aroud.
 Any way, the memory for strings gets alocated but has to be freed and I
kind of postponed it to a more oportune time (like never).
 But I took a look in some other places and I see (or I think I see) that
the stock circle 3.0.11 doesn't free a few strings alocated. Namely when a
corpse is created (make_corpse) the memory of the name of the corpse is
alocated but it's never freed, I checked the timer part, the junk
(do_drop) and they only free the memory alocated to the obj.
 So, if I'm right everyone as that problem.

      Jorge Guilherme

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