Re: [Circle] Quint... AC???!?

From: Jorge Guilherme (
Date: 08/07/96

On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Charles Canning wrote:

> Well actually, if the ogre is good enough (skilled enough) with the 
> dagger, it should be able to inflict damage. There are always weaknesses 
> to armor (to allow movement, etc..) that allow a skilled fighter to 
> penetrate it. That is why your chances of hitting decrease as your skill 
> and armor increase, but also , as your skill increases so does your 
> chance of successfully hitting.

> > No way isn't that the point of armor to protect you? I always thought so, 
> > when i was playing D&D we made the rule as so, an orc with a flint dagger 
> > hits you wearing full plate, i dunno about you but that should do no damage.
 From what I've read you are just thinking of damage done by
blades/penetrating weapons.
 A hammer can make damage even if there are no cracks or joints in the

      Jorge Guilherme

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