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From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (
Date: 08/07/96

>Neway wot im suggesting is having some regualr idea home page or something
>not giving out code but ideas, (i know a few players are sbscribed to
>this list so it would make some sense) ..

Here here, I second that notion!

>I mean things such as NPC flag's interesting spells, traps etc etc
>For example a couple cool Npc flags would be
>MOB_TAR_SWITCH .. a mob switches targets during a fight.. (say to the
>wimpiest char in room)
>MOB_AGGR_RICHEST .. a mob will attack the richest mob in room...

Actually how about this.  Mobs automatically switch their attention
randomly from player to player unless they have one of the following

MOB_NOTANK (kills the player with the highest hp)
MOB_NOMAGE (takes out thee mage)
MOB_NOCLERIC (takes out the cleric)
MOB_NOSWITCH (doesn't switch targets)

I like that MOB_RICH one...specially for brigands.  Maybe make the whole
flag MOB_BRIGAND and have it when the mob kills anyone, it auto-loots too.
Wouldn't be hard, just a small patch in the same place normal auto-loot is
put with a check for that flag.

Of course if mobs can switch their attention from one player to another,
players will need a 'face' command to switch opponents.  After all, if you
are fighting a fido and a peacekeeper assists, which do you want to work on
most?  That stupid fido which is doing maybe 2 HP max a round, or the
peacekeeper, which may just kill you.

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