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From: Frag (frag@earth.global.net.au)
Date: 08/08/96


I am part of a smallish coding team working on a mud.. neway thus far Most
ideas have been flying in from our imagination thick and fast..

Our mud is fairly big now n very modfied.. but always i am discovering
new ideas weather it be in other games/muds/books/ etc etc..

Neway wot im suggesting is having some regualr idea home page or something

not giving out code but ideas, (i know a few players are sbscribed to 
this list so it would make some sense) ..

I mean things such as NPC flag's interesting spells, traps etc etc

For example a couple cool Npc flags would be

MOB_TAR_SWITCH .. a mob switches targets during a fight.. (say to the 
wimpiest char in room)
MOB_AGGR_RICHEST .. a mob will attack the richest mob in room...

stuff like this..

Urm so yeah opinoins or wotever ? :)

Frag.. RiB

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