Re: [Circle] Rent Condition

From: Jorge Guilherme (
Date: 08/08/96

On Wed, 7 Aug 1996 wrote:

> I have level restricted equipment on my mud, and I
> want to add code to prevent players from renting 
> with higher level eq. (I just want it so that when
> they log back on, the higher level eq is gone)
> My level restriction was added by adding another
> value to the second line of the object file,
> the one with <value 1> etc, it is <value 4>
> Where and how could i add this code to prevent
> players from saving and renting with eq higher
> than their level. (actually I am giving them a
> two level leeway)
 Take a look at objsave.c especially obj_to_store() and obj_from_store().
 In obj_to_store() you can put an if to see if the obj is allowed.

      Jorge Guilherme

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