Re: [Circle] Quint... AC???!?

From: George (
Date: 08/08/96

On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Mark McArthey wrote:

> This brings to mind another possible problem.  What about someone 
> that is so fatigued (ie. low hp), that just holding themselves up
> in full plate is wearing them out more?  If I'm following the logic
> correctly this would make sense.  In full all-out battle, even if
> you weren't hit you would tire quickly if already fatigued.
About fighting and exhaustion....the normal Circle doesn't subract
a movement point for every hit (which it should because you're dodging
around, avoiding, trying to hit), so I put it in.  So then you become
tired, but you can go negative movement.  On a mud I play, being at
-2000 movement does nothing for you but make you wait, so I made it
that every tick you lose 1/4 your negative moves as hit points
(-200 move would be 50 hit points damage) because you're so exhausted
it hurts.  And if your ever get to a negative number less than your
max moves (-200 moves for example when your max moves are 100), then
you have to make a saving throw every tick or simply die of exhaustion
on the spot.  Just another approach.

-George of DS
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